Franchising - Concept

Why a Franchising?

The franchise Nosolo Italia was born of a 25 years experience in the field of Ice-Cream making, Pizzeria and traditional Italian Cuisine. The Nosolo Italia concept is innovative and focuses particularly on the satisfaction of its customers. We provide high quality products, fashioned with raw materials mainly from Italia, as well as a friendly and efficient service in a dirt-free and comfortable environment.
The restaurants Nosolo Italia are pleasantly decorated according to a Mediterranean style and are as appropriate to a diner between friends as to a family reunion. Our team demonstrates a close relationship between the management and the employees and is actively involved in the daily work of our company, always implicated in the permanent effort to attract and develop customer’s loyalty. Thus originates the everlasting need to increase the superiority of our products witch are made with the best ingredients available on the market.
Our products range is selected through a rigorous process of quality control and is produced with last generation technology and machinery, keeping alive that Italian and Mediterranean traditional flavours that has made our reputation


Nosolo Italia offers a clear and visually well-known image of excellence.
A team of specialized professionals creates the layouts relating to the interiors and exteriors of the stores (advertising), planning also the interior space, while taking into account the environment that will frame it all.
It is vital that all our establishments have the same identity. The unification of our image and the system of work we have created are very important factors in the clear transmission of our ideal of “Quality”.